Melanotan – What Does It Actually Do and What Are the Dangers?

This recent drug, nicknamed the “Barbie doll” drug, for obvious reasons has recently taken the world by storm. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available on the internet regarding this drug, especially making users aware of the dangers. Within this article we’ll discuss the potential dangers of Melanotan and whether using this “Barbie doll” drug is actually worth it.

What is it?

Before we can discuss the dangers of Melanotan, you need to know what the drug actually is, and what it does. You may have already used or tried it in the past, or you may be just curious about the benefits.

Melanotan is injected into the skin, and will begin to work almost instantly. Here are the main three things Melanotan will do for you:

  • are-the-dangersAppetite: You will have a reduced appetite, which will help you lose weight. This works as you will eat much less, and thus will be eating less excess calories – so you will lose weight. Fairly simple, but it works. This is a benefit for many bodybuilders and other sport-based people, as you will lose any fat that you have – and be left with pure, lean muscle. This makes your body look great, which is the main reason for bodybuilding (besides being ripped!)
  • Libido: While you may have a reduced standard appetite, you will definitely notice an increased sexual appetite. It is not as extreme as Viagra, but you’ll definitely notice it. It is important to note that this drug can be taken by women and men. If you want to increase your performance in the bedroom, while losing weight and getting a killer tan – Melanotan is definitely the way to go.
  • Tan: We all know that tanning in the natural way can be very dangerous, although we all want to get a tan. Being pale during Summer isn’t a good feeling, and a great tan can increase your confidence, and make you feel more appealing. Luckily for you, the killer tan of your dreams can be achieved by using Melanotan 1 and 2. If you use this drug, the pigmentation of your skin will be changed, not too drastically It will be changed enough to give you a solid tan, all over your body – no more awkwardly tanning your private areas!

What are the dangers?

Unfortunately, as with any drug – there are always some side effects or dangers. Most of these dangers can be avoided by taking the drug as directed, and not exceeding the recommended dosage.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue

These are the main three, but if you feel different in a peculiar way, then stop using the drug immediately and seek medical advice. Typically, this drug is extremely safe – but you should always take precautions, and keep an eye out for any changes in your mood, or body that aren’t intended.

The Perfect Diet for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis. From countless workout sessions to long hours at the gym working every group of existing muscles and grooming sessions, nothing seems too out of the ordinary when it comes to acquiring the perfect body. However, not many people know that bodybuilding is all about dedication and perseverance, as well as about a balanced diet for your body and soul. Read below to find the perfect diet for every bodybuilder and how to acquire that muscular body you always wanted:

Eat the right amount of proteins

Experienced bodybuilders can consume up to 10,000 calories a day, depending on the effort and the number of hours spent training. Thus, the calorie intake in order to support all that effort has to be extremely big. Some good options for high-protein lunches include top round steak, chicken or turkey breast, pork tenderloin and a lot of fresh veggies such as broccoli, soy, and spinach. Fish meat is more appropriate for light dinners. The best fish meat you can find is the one from tuna, sprout, sardines or salmon.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for every bodybuilder, so don’t forget packing in those extra proteins from egg yolks or whites, oatmeal or any other high-protein cereals.

Never skip meals

Bodybuilding is all about self-discipline, which also involves a strict dietary habit. Don’t assume skipping one meal can be replaced by eating the double amount of calories on the next one. Stick to those three main meals a day as well as three snacks in-between meals. This will allow you to eat smaller portions, watch out for your weight, fight unhealthy cravings and keep your body on track.

Keep it balanced

A good diet for a bodybuilder is not only about meat. In fact, there are numerous experienced bodybuilders who are vegans and handle the pressure and physical activities just fine. Sure, proteins are crucial, but you can very well take them from vegetal sources as well. And don’t forget veggies are highly rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers which are as important as proteins for a bodybuilder. Some bodybuilders recommend asparagus, broccoli, beans and soybeans, spinach and berries, but there are many other options available.

Take supplements but not more than necessary

Supplements are most efficient in-between meals to suppress cravings for unhealthy foods. Protein shakes as well as bars, hormones and peptides should be used with moderation, even when dealing with other bodybuilding related activities such as acquiring a groomed exterior or the perfect tan. 

Melanotan 2 is an injectable hormone specifically designed for bodybuilders who want to enhance their bodies through a perfect tan. And, since we all know bodybuilding contests are all about flashing extremely shaped bodies and perfect tans, Melanotan 2 will definitely aid you in the process.

Melanotan 2 will provide bodybuilders the most natural and glowing looking tan. The main benefit of Melanotan 2 is that the shots take less than a minute per day. People with fairer skin tones can inject themselves with a larger dose of Melanotan 2 for almost instant results while those with darker skin tones can use smaller dosages for a tint of glowing tan. Either the case, Melanotan 2 peptides also come with beneficial side effects such as appetite inhibit, meaning they are the perfect supplements for bodybuilders who want to stay fit and shaped without worrying about eating too much.

The Best Workout Tips from A Bodybuilder

Are you looking to transform your body into a muscle machine? Are you in the process of losing weight but still want to define those muscles and abs and look good while doing it? Are you new in the bodybuilding or fitness industry and look up for guidance? Search no more and read below to find the best workout tips from a true bodybuilder and how to become the best version of you through hard training.

Diet is the first step for a lean physique

Hard training, cardio and countless hours spent at the gym cannot give you leanness. You can’t lose fat and eat sloppy, so make sure you keep a strict diet. Avoid greasy foods, sweets, processed foods and sodas. Train yourself to crave for healthier alternatives and get satiated with smaller portions.

Eat fruits before your workout for a natural muscle pump

Fruits are naturally rich in glycogen and will help you pump your muscles and look better. Try eating oranges, plums or basically and sweet fruit and experience natural muscle fillers.

Milk is trash

Similar to most dairy products, milk is rich in fats and carbohydrates, but really low in proteins and vitamins or calcium. Milk is also full of estrogen (feminine hormones), sugars and fats which will help you gain weight super-fast.

The best workout is at night

There is no such thing as being too busy to workout, no matter the moment of the day. However, the most results-oriented workouts happen at night because you are wide awake and you still have calories left from your dinner, which will give you strength and help you lose all the extras. Moreover, you will sleep easier after working out in the night and won’t feel as tired after finishing the soliciting gym sessions.

Look out for your overall appearance

A good body in the bodybuilding and fitness industry doesn’t necessarily refer to hard muscles and abs, but to the entire array, including the grooming sessions and tan. Tan is known for offering the body an overall more polished and good looking image. Melanotan 2 is already famous among numerous bodybuilders because of its intense tanning effects, but natural and gradual.


Melanotan 2 represents an injectable hormone which will stimulate the production of more melanin inside your body, the substance responsible for your skin tone. Thus, you will achieve a gradually darker skin tone and a beautiful bronze in no time.

What I particularly enjoy about Melanotan 2 is that you can do the injections yourself, without having previous medical training. This way you will not spend more than one minute a day to benefit from a sun kissed skin. Moreover, the results are natural and long lasting, unlike other tanning and self-tanning methods, including sprays, paint jobs, lotions or tanning beds.

In fact, Melanotan 2 is not only good for your skin, but also for your entire body. One of the most praised side effects of this peptide is its appetite inhibitor, which will help you refrain from all those midnight cravings and help keeping your body pumped up with rock hard muscles.

Important Tips For This Supplement

Recently, there has been a lot of bad publicity around the “Barbie doll” supplement, Melanotan 2. This is because a large amount of individuals have had a bad experience with the supplement, after using it incorrectly and technically, abusing it. Within this article we’ll discuss how to use this supplement safely, so you can experience all of the benefits it has to offer without the risks.

When to use it? 

You should only use this drug if you are deemed as fit by a healthcare professional, if you have heart or circulatory problems – please stay away from this drug for your own sake. If you believe you are fit, then feel free to take this drug, responsibly.

Melanotan 2 comes in a tablet form, which makes it much easier to take the intended dosage than injections. On the packaging, you will be able to read about the recommended dosage. It is important to make sure that you never exceed this dosage. Although it may be called a recommended dosage, exceeding it can be dangerous. The usual dosage is one tablet a day, but always follow the directions on the packaging, if it says half a tablet a day, or two tablets a day – do that instead.

Now that we’ve got the dosage out of the way, let’s talk about the potential dangers if you do ever exceed the dosage.

  • this-supplementsNausea: You will most likely experience severe nausea, which is unpleasant to say the least. This will leave you feeling very ill. If you do experience any nausea while you are taking the drug, stop using the drug immediately. If you feel it is getting worse, always contact a medical professional.
  • Vomiting: This is also fairly common when it comes to overdosing on Melanotan 2. As expected, you should stop using the drug and simply let the vomiting pass. If it exceeds over a day, you should contact a medical professional. While vomiting isn’t pleasant, it will help you rid of the nausea.
  • Fatigue: If you overdose on Melanotan 2, either accidentally or deliberately, you will feel extremely tired and groggy. This isn’t pleasant at all, and you will end up spending most of the day in bed because of this. If the fatigue extends over a day, then you should contact a medical professional and visit your local hospital or doctor’s surgery.

Those are the main 3 side effects that will occur if you overdose on Melanotan 2, they aren’t too bad but definitely unpleasant.

It’s important to remember that you can easily avoid all of these side effects by simply following the included directions for the drug, and making sure to keep all of the included documentation just in case anything does go wrong. Keeping the documentation is ideal, as if something does happen you can supply your doctor with the paperwork that came with the supplements, and they will be able to help you a lot easier with this information.