The Best Workout Tips from A Bodybuilder

Are you looking to transform your body into a muscle machine? Are you in the process of losing weight but still want to define those muscles and abs and look good while doing it? Are you new in the bodybuilding or fitness industry and look up for guidance? Search no more and read below to find the best workout tips from a true bodybuilder and how to become the best version of you through hard training.

Diet is the first step for a lean physique

Hard training, cardio and countless hours spent at the gym cannot give you leanness. You can’t lose fat and eat sloppy, so make sure you keep a strict diet. Avoid greasy foods, sweets, processed foods and sodas. Train yourself to crave for healthier alternatives and get satiated with smaller portions.

Eat fruits before your workout for a natural muscle pump

Fruits are naturally rich in glycogen and will help you pump your muscles and look better. Try eating oranges, plums or basically and sweet fruit and experience natural muscle fillers.

Milk is trash

Similar to most dairy products, milk is rich in fats and carbohydrates, but really low in proteins and vitamins or calcium. Milk is also full of estrogen (feminine hormones), sugars and fats which will help you gain weight super-fast.

The best workout is at night

There is no such thing as being too busy to workout, no matter the moment of the day. However, the most results-oriented workouts happen at night because you are wide awake and you still have calories left from your dinner, which will give you strength and help you lose all the extras. Moreover, you will sleep easier after working out in the night and won’t feel as tired after finishing the soliciting gym sessions.

Look out for your overall appearance

A good body in the bodybuilding and fitness industry doesn’t necessarily refer to hard muscles and abs, but to the entire array, including the grooming sessions and tan. Tan is known for offering the body an overall more polished and good looking image. Melanotan 2 is already famous among numerous bodybuilders because of its intense tanning effects, but natural and gradual.


Melanotan 2 represents an injectable hormone which will stimulate the production of more melanin inside your body, the substance responsible for your skin tone. Thus, you will achieve a gradually darker skin tone and a beautiful bronze in no time.

What I particularly enjoy about Melanotan 2 is that you can do the injections yourself, without having previous medical training. This way you will not spend more than one minute a day to benefit from a sun kissed skin. Moreover, the results are natural and long lasting, unlike other tanning and self-tanning methods, including sprays, paint jobs, lotions or tanning beds.

In fact, Melanotan 2 is not only good for your skin, but also for your entire body. One of the most praised side effects of this peptide is its appetite inhibitor, which will help you refrain from all those midnight cravings and help keeping your body pumped up with rock hard muscles.